Plempy Hemp Plastic

Our hemp plastic solution created specifically for our gardening customers looking for an eco-friendly alternative to petroleum plastic products. Our Plempy Garden is environmentally safe and a renewable sustainable alternative that you will love. The Plempy Garden is interlocking and requires no tools or hardware to construct. 

Plempy Products - Plastic Hemp
Our Future is NOW! 

The future of Plempy is exciting!! Watch as we design many hemp plastic products. Someday we will have whole communities built out of our Plempy Products. Keep an eye on us! 

The Future of Plempy

By purchasing Plempy Products you are helping to preserve our future world for our children and grandchildren. Thank you. 

International Patent Pending 

Bio plastics are renewable sustainable and often made using agricultural waste, the biodegradable alternative we've all been waiting for. 

Introducing the Plempy Garden!

The first Hemp Bio-Plastic Raised Garden Planter of its kind! 

300,000,000 tons of plastic was commissioned by manufactures worldwide in 2017.
Become part of the solution by supporting a new greener plastic alternative. 

Plempy is our FUTURE!

Plempy Products are distributed exclusively by groOrganic Gardens LLC, its partners and franchisees - patent pending 

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