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CHECK OUT OUR KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE Here at groOrganic Gardens our team is dedicated to inspiring independent thought by cultivating organic lifestyles, encouraging preparedness, and bringing awareness to our communities. We do this by offering environmentally safe products like Plempy, environmentally safe  100% hemp bioplastic products, as well as the installation and maintenance of indoor and outdoor organic food producing gardens, educational programs and co-op memberships. Join us and learn to grow your own food or create income by becoming a franchisee or partner!

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We are the exclusive distributor of Plempy Products. Plempy is the first manufacturer/distributor offering consumer focused Hemp Bio-plastic products. Reserve the first raised planter garden made 100% of hemp plastic. Plempy Gardens can be constructed easily with interlocking parts. Learn more and reserve your Plempy Garden HERE


It's been our honor to create food producing gardens for many health and education facilities. Our gardens are so beautiful they have appeared on TV shows and commercials.


We've been supporting our clients' desires to live organic lifestyles since 2009. With our celebrity clients' support, we continue to grow!


groOrganic Gardeners are committed to an organic lifestyle while educating others about the importance of growing and preparing real food. 


Karen Cancilla is a career entrepreneur who combined her passion for business and environmentalism to found groOrganic Gardens and Plempy Products. She credits the growth of her business in part to the "Slow Food Movement" and looks forward to spreading organic gardens and Plempy Products via franchises and partnerships. She has made her urban farming message clear by appearing on various TV, radio. internet shows, national and international publications as well as mentioned in several nationally acclaimed best selling books.

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