Why Choose Us

Benefits of working with Gro-O for your organic gardening needs:

WE SAVE YOU TIME – You want to start your own backyard vegetable garden, but don’t have the time. Free estimates take just 20–30 minutes and garden installations usually just one day. We source the quality materials, soil/compost, organic fertilizer, seeds, starter plants, and irrigation equipment for you.

Why Choose Gro-O | Planter packed with flourishing vegetables Why Choose Gro-O | We Save you time

WE SAVE YOU MONEY – You keep an eye on your budget and you want to cut your grocery bill. According to National Gardening Association estimates, on average, a well-maintained food garden yields a $500 return when considering a typical gardener's investment and the market price of produce. A vegetable garden produces year after year—a good return on your investment. Plus, you save money on gas for repeated trips to purchase produce. Eating healthier could lead to fewer visits to the doctor and reliance on meds. Gro-O offers high quality products and dedicated service at competitive prices.

Why Choose Gro-O | Karen's Salad Harvest

WE SHARE OUR EXPERTISE AND KNOWLEDGE – You don’t have the knowledge on how to grow vegetables organically—gardening without chemicals. No green thumb is required. Gro-O will be your “organic urban farmer” if you need help learning about organic gardening methods.

Why Choose Gro-O | We share our expertise and knowledge

WE DO THE WORK – You want or already have organic food growing in your back yard, but a) your days are way too hectic or b) you are physically unable to maintain the garden. Gro-O understands your busy schedule so we offer garden maintenance plans and seasonal re-plantings to suit your needs. We do all the heavy lifting so you can save the wear and tear on your joints and muscles. We can even harvest your vegetables for you at each visit or show you how to do it yourself.

Why Choose Gro-O | We do all the work

WE WANT TO PAY IT FORWARD, GIVING YOU WAYS TO CONNECT WITH OTHERS AND GROW YOUR COMMUNITY – We recognize our responsibility to be active participants in our local community. We routinely donate to local community events and charities. We provide job opportunities: enhance community well-being and spread the message of cultivating organic lifestyles by becoming a Gro-O Territory Manager and by becoming a Gro-O Garden Party consultant. You can also be involved by joining our efforts in supporting school gardening programs and contributing to our blog or newsletter.

Why Choose Gro-O | We want to pay it forwardWhy Choose Gro-O | We want to pay it forward


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