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educational Facility Gardens

All groOrganic Garden contractors are dedicated to educating students about growing food in urban areas. Together we affect many individuals causing our communities to become healthier. We know that you care about your students. Teaching them to grow food could be the most basic of lessons, but also possibly the most important. Students, staff, and the community will benefit as a school garden develops and begins to provide freshly grown food for their own cafeterias. Not only will our gardening programs educate students concerning garden care and nutrition, but they will relieve the schools staff from the tedious task of garden care. Donated garden supplies are available to qualifying facilities. 

Health Facility Gardens

Partnering with hospitals is a fitting match for groOrganic Gardens. We share their commitment of promoting wellness, a healthy diet and lifestyle. Health facilities joining our network are making a positive change to their workplace that can lead to healthier lives for staff, patients and the community. Food grown right on the facility's property is maintained and harvested by our certified gardening staff and used in the cafeteria. Workshops are available for indoor or outdoor gardens. groOrganic Gardens is a certified contractor and partners on urban farming projects with national food providers. 

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residential Gardens

We install and maintain raised planters and hydroponic systems at residential homes for those wanting to grow their own organic produce. We believe there is an economical and healthy way to eat organically. We can help you grow organic produce right in your own backyard so you can enjoy the convenience and health benefits of an organic lifestyle. Our Good Thyme Garden Raised Planter Package comes with everything you need to grow food including the delivery and installation of a 4'x8' raised planter bed, irrigation system and organic soil, plants and seeds or if you'd like to grow hydroponically ask about our easy to use groOrganic Hydroponic System. Contact us for your free estimate. 

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