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Every Garden is Unique!

At Gro-O we are committed to helping you achieve the perfect garden for your needs. Access the powerful Garden Planner software for only $39 a year, including free email consulting.

With your own personal login, you can easily create the perfect layout for your garden, see how many plants will fit into the space, get personalized reminders of when to plant for your particular area, and much more!

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All of these features are available when you log in to your Garden Planner account:

  • Growing information: Just click for full details of how to grow each plant, where to position them, etc.
  • Number of Plants: Clearly shown by the number at the top of each plant square
  • Personalized Planting Chart: You get a chart showing when each plant will be planted and harvested. Our advanced system works out the dates for your own area.
  • Reminder Emails: You can have emails sent reminding you what needs planting in your garden (optional)
  • Easy Crop Rotation: The Garden Planner remembers each year's crops and advises where to place them next year
  • Succession Planting: See which crops will follow others and view your plan for each month of the year
  • Add Notes: Like a garden journal you can add notes on how each plant did
  • Intuitive Use: Works just like software you are familiar with, including features such as copy and paste
  • Tutorial Videos: Quick built-in videos show you just what you need to know to get the most out of the software

The Garden Planner also includes:

  • A variety of garden objects to add to plans such as raised beds, paths, fences, greenhouses, compost bins, containers, drip irrigation parts and much more
  • Season adjusting objects (cold frames, tunnels, greenhouses, cloches etc.) automatically adjust the recommended planting dates for plants under them and users can adjust how much effect they have
  • Drawing tools with a variety of textures
  • Time-saving shortcuts such as being able to set plant defaults before plants are added to a plan.

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