Gro-O Garden Educational Programs

Gro-O firmly believes that knowledge is the key to success. We invest ourselves in teaching children and adults about growing their own organic food, being ecologically responsible, and taking care of our environment.

We offer several ways our clients can learn to improve the quality of their lives by realizing the economic and health benefits of organic gardening. Cultivating healthy organic lifestyles is a foundation to the well-being of vibrant families and communities.

After school gardening programs

After School Gardening Programs | New Heights

Research has shown that school gardens improve life skills, nutrition knowledge, and have a positive impact on student achievement and behavior.

Gro-O offers a fun and educational after school activity that allows students to engage in a unique learning environment. Students learn a variety of subjects while appreciating and connecting with nature and unplugging from technology. Gro-O works in conjunction with your child's school to offer quality, educational programs that promote social, physical, intellectual, and emotional development of youth; building upon strengths and interests necessary for lifelong success.

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Scientific studies have shown that gardens have therapeutic effects--so what better place to incorporate an organic garden than at a hospital.

Gro-O is committed to motivating and educating parents, patients, caregivers, and hospital staff in creating a healthy, sustainable environment for their lives with our hospital program. Our goal is to enable hospitals in our network to make a positive change to their workplaces that can lead to healthier lives for their staff and patients. One very important way is to eat organic food that is grown in your very own organic, pesticide-free vegetable garden. We can provide easy and effective ways for anyone to do this at home and on the hospital grounds as well.


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Garden Parties

Gro-O Garden Parties

Share an opportunity to learn how to save on grocery bills, lose weight, and get healthy by eating organic vegetables right from your own yard, patio, or balcony!

Each month we offer distinctive products and exclusive specials for our Gro-O Garden Party guests. See how new ideas will inspire and help you cultivate a healthier and organic lifestyle. Learn how to grow organic vegetables and fruit at home regardless of the amount of space you have (apartment and condo dwellers can benefit, too!)

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Benefits of
Organic Lifestyles

Benefits of Organic Lifestyles

Good for you — Good for the environment

There are many ways to “go green” that affect all aspects of our lives and that of our world - now and for the future. One very important way you can improve your life and the planet is to eat organic food that you grow yourself in your very own organic home vegetable garden.

Gro-O can contribute health and happiness to your family by installing and maintaining your own organic garden. You'll be making a positive change that can lead to a healthier life.

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