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About Gro-O Organic Gardening Systems

Gro-O Organic Gardens and Educational Programs

We believe there IS an economical, healthy way to eat organically. We can help you grow organic produce in your own backyard! Visit our Store to see more!

Gro-O installs and maintains organic fruit and vegetable raised planter gardens in homes, senior health care facilities, schools, hospitals, urban communities — wherever we can! With our team of passionate Gro-O gardeners and managers, we aim to provide you with a convenient, educational, and enjoyable experience while inspiring you to “GRO green”.

Our Educational Programs for adults and children are helping to spread our message of how to live an Organic Lifestyle in urban areas. Urban Gardening is quickly gaining popularity. Here at Gro-O we are dedicated to helping you get GROing. 

Karen Cancilla

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Founder and Owner of Gro-O

Karen, a mother of six children and grandmother of four, is concerned with the health and welfare of her family and community. She combined her knowledge of organic gardening and the growing need for healthier foods and self-sufficiency with her successful business ownership and entrepreneurism to create Gro-O. She developed a successful system that helps people to grow their own small-scale organic garden and speaks to groups as often as possible, spreading her organic message. .

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Our Company

Gro-O | Cultivating Organic Lifestyles

Cultivating Organic Lifestyles

Gro-O’s mission is to cultivate organic lifestyles - to foster a desire for self-sufficiency, environmental awareness, and preparedness in our communities.

One basic way to adopt an organic lifestyle is to eat organic food that you have grown in your own home vegetable garden. Backyard vegetable gardens help provide your family with fresh, pesticide-free fruits and vegetables, better health, self-sufficiency, and preparedness. Growing your own organic produce can also lower your grocery costs. Need more reasons? Here they are…

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Omg-just picked this huge zucchini from my garden!!!! Thank u Gro-O!!!

Gro-O installed our garden in just one day and before we knew it, the kids were eating green beans fresh off the vines. Now my wife is making sure radishes are planted this season - my favorite in salads. We're all enjoying having vegetables grow in our backyard.

We picked 40 lbs of vegetables yesterday from our Gro-O garden! Thanks Gro-O for helping us! I've never had so much produce growing in my yard even though I've been doing this for 20+ years!

There's nothing like fresh vegetables picked right from your own backyard. Thank you, Gro-O, for making this possible for our family.

We never expected that we'd get produce so quickly. But within a month of the installation of my garden by Gro-O, we were picking vegetables with the grandkids!

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1...2...3 GRO!


From the novice to the expert, with the help of our Gro-O gardeners you too can begin enjoying your own homegrown organic produce! Whether we install your garden for you or you do it on your own, check out these helpful tools to start your own organic garden or to get involved in spreading the seeds of organic living:

Why choose us

  • We save you time
  • We save you money
  • We share our expertise and knowledge
  • We do the work
  • We want to pay it forward, giving you ways to connect with others and grow your community

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